About Us

We are two teenagers who are into health food. Seems paradoxical, right?

The perception is that teenagers are constantly foraging for nibbles: chips, cookies, pretzels. Foods that are dripping with grease, saturated with salt, drowned in sugars. And tragically, this perception is, more-often-than-not, true.

We know because we used to be those people. We used to eat for the sake of eating, and of course, we were overweight, though everybody called it baby fat. And while we did consume a lot more than we needed as "growing children", we did not appreciate what we were shoveling down out throats. 

And then we began to shed the pounds and truly fall in love with food. We began to realize that the Indian foods we were growing up with are so full of spices that it would be criminal not to appreciate the medley of flavors. We finally began to see that foods can be flavored with spices, with sass, not fats and sugars.

Food is meant to be both nutritious and delicious. As vegetarian cooks and exercise aficionados, we want to prove that nutritious food is so much more than rabbit food. 

All you need to do is add a little sass.

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